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EVERY NOW AND THEN THEATRE radio dramas are unique, fresh and exciting by the way we cast and perform. Each cast-crew is allowed only one rehearsal then perform. Everyone rises to the challenge. We spotlight a celebrity host introducing each cast, relating factoids at the breaks, and often performing cameos. We select participants countywide, showcasing top local actors deliberately mixed with beginners. We average rotating one-quarter new participants per show. The result is award-winning quality. Note to locals—Shows are cast by invitation. However, we’re possibly open to bribes.

Founded by James M. Wortman in September 1990, the all volunteer EVERY NOW AND THEN THEATRE performs exclusively for broadcast. We perform on stage when the mood strikes us.

Photo- Celeb Host Stephanie Zimbalist with Producer, Co-Director, Script Writer James Wortman

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Since first entering audio competitions in 2002, we currently count 55 awards— 50 international, 4 national, and 1 local—for entertainment excellence, distinction, altruistic efforts, best local broadcast, best drama uplifting mankind, best in show, etcetera. Our CELEBRITY HOSTS for those shows were Tim Conway, Lane Davies, “Elvira,” Jamie Farr, Chris Hillman, Richard Karn, Cheryl Ladd, Joe Mantegna, Malcolm McDowell, Miss California 2012, Captain Jim McHugh, Rachel Reenstra, David Selby, Richard Senate, Jane Seymour, Charlene Tilton, and Stephanie Zimbalist. [See our complete list of Celeb Hosts with stories in our CELEB HOST GALLERY]

Photo- Part of our door stop collection.

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WE GIVE BACK to our community by providing broadcast copies to our cast in exchange for donations to KVTA’s listener drive for the Children’s Services Fund, benefiting foster, homeless and abused children in Ventura County. KVTA averages $20–40k per year in donations for the fund.  ALSO, to date, we’ve donated some 1300 Christmas Carol CD radio dramas to U.S. troops stationed overseas. GOING NATIONAL We now offer our previous award winning broadcast to radio stations nationally in exchange for donations benefitting foster kiddos.

EVERY NOW AND THEN THEATRE copyrighted original scripts and adaptations are heard via radio and experienced on stage or in group settings by our client licensees and us.

Photo by James-  Celeb Host Malcolm McDowell with Script Supervisor Linda Stiegler

LOCAL FUNDRAISING GOES NATIONAL:  Locally, our productions help benefit children by raising money providing broadcast copies to cast in exchange for their donations to KVTA radio’s drive for Children’s Services Auxiliary of Ventura County.  Nationally, we offer a selection of previous broadcasts for Christmas and Halloween, to radio stations nationwide in exchange for donations. No one personally profits. These donations benefit Children’s Fund programs. Partnering with us are marketing partners ALL ACCESS and radio software company MR. MASTER.



AMERICAN RADIO ARCHIVES ARE MOVING FROM THOUSAND OAKS TO UCSB LIBARY IN SANTA BARBARA Every Now and Then Theatre’s international award-winning radio theatre broadcasts are part of the permanent collection in the listening library of the American Radio Archives. These archives contain one of the largest collections of significant broadcast materials, such as scripts, sound recordings, books, photographs, and related items that reflect the history of radio and television broadcasting. Among familiar names in the radio collection are Abbot & Costello, Jack Benny, Bob & Ray, Norman Corwin, Bob Crosby, Stan Freberg, Fibber McGee and Molly, Bob Hope, Hedda Hopper, Spike Jones, Garrison Keillor, Robert Q. Lewis, Red Skelton, Rudy Vallee, Yuri Rasovsky, and the Pacific Pioneers in Broadcasting. Thousand Oaks Library no longer has the capacity, expertise, time, or resources. ”UCSB LIBRARY’s SPECIAL COLLECTION on the 3rd floor is already home to a world-class archival collection of entertainment, radio, and media, making it the largest recorded sound archive on the West Coast. After the American Radio Archives collection and museum materials transfer, staff will process the inventory to facilitate preservation, research, and access capabilities."


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In 1990, to help promote a downtown’s holiday sales, James Wortman got the wild idea to cast a collection of merchants in a radio adaptation of Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” starring Robert “Doc” Reynolds. He thought that was it. Then came the calls from listeners and radio stations. “Do it again, do it again!” Over the years, we’ve aired radio dramas on various stations, continuing to uniquely cast top local actors with beginners—challenging them with only one group rehearsal.  

Photo- Street merchants James W. and Ed meet “Scrooge" Doc Reynolds and Tiny Timmy.


“As stations began streaming our radio dramas on the web, we contacted local military bases to alert those stationed overseas to tune in for a piece of home for the holidays. Postcards and emails appeared locally, nationwide and from troops around the world. Over the years, we’ve rotated more than 800 people through our shows from all walks of life. The shows just keep getting better! The credit belongs to all of you that have been and are involved—you know who you are.”  -jw  Photo- Classic live SFX team of Mr. Barker and Ms. Delorey



Our copyrighted scripts are developed with an ear toward broadcast, an eye toward stage and a feel for community. The result is a readers theatre project perfect for radio stations, live stage theatre, corporate and community organizations-- either for business profit or fundraising.

Our easy-to-follow, copyrighted SHOW KITS are available for low-cost rental and renewal. Of course, you could just do it all yourself-- wasting time, money and resources on your learning curve-- or, keep it quick, inexpensive and possibly praised by renting our SHOW KITS. Simply email us or send us an interesting postcard. Click up top for SHOW KIT information.  Photo- Doc Reynolds as Scrooge

Heck, make it worth our while and we’ll come produce and direct it for you!  



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